Tři Století

Tři století



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Wine list

In the Wine list which we set up for you the prices vary, but they always relate to quality wines fro...
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Our menu consists of Czech as well as international cuisines, it is composed by our chef with the bes...


In modern stylish interiors we have places for up to 70 - 80 guests, including winter terrace and longue. We can offer wide choice of czech and international cuisine in modern concept of gastromony. Thanks to good position and design look of interior is our restaurant suitable for coffee breaks, dinners, presentations, weddings, lunch and many other occasions as well as for romantic sitting in two. We also have an apartement for rent. All of our interiors are fully air-conditioned and without any barries entries. As a speciality we have water oasis in our winter terrace.

Extra offer

In case of your interest we will be pleased to arrange for you wedding reception, graduation celebration, family celebration, birthday party as well as company action. We will provide you catering...